lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Chapper 1

The alarm clock in the morning at 7:50. I woke up with sleep and thinkingwhich is the first day of school. I could not believe the summer I had been so short that I had not realized he could no longer go to the pool, not having homework, watch TV all day and not nearly get up later.

Without realizing I had fallen asleep and it was 8:05 am I awoke startled and began to dress running, styling your home to runhe did not want to be late the first day of school. I walked out the door and there was by going the institutions which had been my first love, Alex.Solo had been 5 months since I put the horns with this girl that I called friend, Caroline. I looked at him and still felt what I felt when I was with him, it was clear that he still loved.

With much thought it was already 8:15 and the bus passes the same time. I was going to loseand the stop takes me pretty far, so be late again.

It got to high school at 8:40. I played a 1 st hour Mathematics. The class had already started and the corridors were deserted. Suddenly I hit something and fell to the ground (something normal for me)when I got up I saw a cute guy brown, blue eyes and the smile more beautiful in the world.

- Are you okay? You've given a good shot .- He said the boy.Yes I'm fine, I just hurt a little head. My name is Eleanor.'I'm Lucas. I am new to this school.'You're a pleasure to meet again ... ... well, what have you taught this already?-No ... not yet ... if you do not mind ... you could teach me?Of course. I would not mind if you want on the playground taught you all this is nothingsmall haha.-It is ok. At recess we .- and smiled one of his most charming smiles.The bell rang and I could not believe I had missed the first class. This was improper mí.Pero would someday be the first right?

I went to the next class and there I met my old friends Eli, Laura and Carla. And as long as Eli interested me:

-Leonor where were you? As you sleep or the bus again? you can not afford the firstday of class in late you thought eh?- Aver, Eli bombard me no questions and in the morning right? I missed the busand when I arrived and clashed with a new kid ye been to teach with this any more and when I wanted to go to class and had touched the right timbre.Por Want to accompany me to teach this?-No, honey, I stayed with Luis Miguel (Eli's boyfriend) to speak and we have not seen much lately with exams and football. Tell Laura and Carla might please you with it.Well you girls Will I accompanied them and pass and you know him?'Sorry, Leonor, but we have other plans already know.

The teacher of the 2nd hour had arrived and the time passed quickly and we were already on the playground when I came across Lucas and show you everything. We sat on a bench and we gotkept chatting and laughing. Lucas was definitely a very funny guy.

We met Laura and Carla who were with Mark. Carla seemed excited.

-Carla, you look euphoric What's wrong?

'Nothing that the other day I was sipping coffee in Jaime's and one of the waiters who is our age let me put a note

In his eyes a tearand to my lips a sentence of forgiveness ...spoke proudly and wiped her tears,and the phrase on my lips expired.
I go one way, she on the other;but the thought of our love,I say again: "Why are you silent that day?"and she'll say. "Why can not I cry?"
You know guys, my favorite poem and I was amazed and soon sat at my table and started talking about mobile phones and we did that.Carla 'Well you're in love right? Said MarkYes ... it's the perfect guy for me.At that time Eli and Luismi came ...Well now that we all wanted to introduce you to Lucas .. Lucas, these are Eli, her boyfriend Luis Miguel, Carla, Laura and Mark.-Encantado. said all at once.Well girls did the Friday we were to go buy the dress of the party next Friday? .- Eli said.'I step to go to that party I do not like and you know why. Among other things.-Eleanor said with watery eyes.'But there will be cute boys love.Pas plus spending money on a dress that will not use it never happened.Well you Think about it.The bell rang and we went to class and the trip was talking to Lucas.-Leonor, how we go out together at home?- Yeah, right!Could not reject anything that smile and those eyes so precious. I ring the bell and it was time to exit the school. We were already at my house when Luke told me ..-I have been invited to the party ...- Do you?- Yes, and I wondered if you would want ... come with me?-Nose ... Vale. I'll go with you.

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